Captain’s Report

As we proceed further down the track with these COVID 19 restrictions, getting a game of golf is extremely difficult for many members.

This coming long weekend with a competition sheet for each of the three days we end up with a total number of 402 spots.

Many members are finding while they try, they are unable to put their names down, and frustrations seem to be getting to boiling point.  The operations team are introducing a new system (refer lottery system within this communication) however, with limited time spots each competition day, it means we need to start sharing the opportunities more evenly if possible.  With this in mind, I would now ask that all members who can play MID WEEK please let the members who are working during the week have the first opportunity for Weekend competitions.  We would like to see as many members as possible able to enjoy our golf course, and this suggestion is one way, given the current restrictions, we might be able to achieve this goal.

Those that play midweek, yet would still like a game on the weekend, there is the opportunity to play in the social booking times & many are already doing this. 

If anyone has another solution, I am happy to discuss but be assured everything possible is being considered.

Enjoy your golf and hit them straight.

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Captain’s Report