Note to Members

Dear Members,

It has been a few weeks between updates with things having quickly settled into the new normal after 3 weeks of turmoil, but there has been a lot happening behind the scenes from a golf operations and management perspective to continue to deal with the COVID-19 environment.

Firstly, I would like to mention ANZAC Day just past and the impact the COVID-19 rules had on our ability to acknowledge Australia’s servicemen and women and for them to spend time with their mates.  6am on the front driveway was nice but just not the same. KCGC has always had strong links to the army through the Enoggera base camp and to those members that have served, thank you. 

With things settling down, we have had time to look at the financials and what the next 6 months might look like for the Club. Treasurer Greg Woodroffe will shortly provide a more detailed 6-month financial report, but I know many members are interested in how the Club is travelling. As members were aware, we went into this financial year (Sept 2019) in a strong financial position and the first 6 months pre-COVID-19 continued along the same lines setting us up well to weather the storm. COVID-19 has clearly hit our revenues hard with losing social play and associated benefits (circa 35% of revenue), having to limit member play and closing of the bar. However, with prudent management of expenses reflective of the drop-off in revenue/ activity and Government programs we are very positive the Club will continue to be in a good position going forward, and members should be very comfortable where the Club currently sits financially.

Golf Availability

With 2 balls and a 1 tee start, tee times have been at a premium and will continue to be so until COVID-19 rules are relaxed. While the outlook in this regard looks positive, we ask for members’ patience, understanding and most importantly, respect for other members, while golf remains restricted.

There have been some grumblings in relation to unfair allocation of tee times. Rest assured, we have tried to put in place the best booking system possible to try to manage this. However, we also require member co-operation in these times to seek to ensure it is fair for all. I have heard comments that some members have “worked out the system”. Well, we did not try to put in place a foolproof booking system. We tried to put in place a system for members to think about what is fair and reasonable for you and your fellow members in restricted times. Management has been tracking playing patterns and has started calling out conduct that is not respecting the intent of the booking rules. It is disappointing this has had to occur. 

Ideally, where members have the opportunity to play multiple mid-week rounds, it is preferred that they choose not to book into the high demand weekend competitions.

Management will shortly be sending an update in relation to the management of bookings going forward, which we hope further enforces conduct that we would like to see from the Membership.

Slow Play

It has been noticeable over the last weeks that rounds seem to be getting longer and the afternoons slower with fields backing up. With 8 minutes gaps and groups of 2, there is really no reason for this. It may be the glorious weather, and we are all just enjoying the walk, but we need to get better.

While hopefully quicker, we should be aiming for round times no longer than 3:15 hours. With daylight hours getting shorter, we need to ensure those at the end of the field still get a good experience and finish in the light. With golf at a premium, we can’t afford to lose tee times at the end of the field. Again, please respect your fellow members.

A big thank you to Helen Blanchfield and Leo who have taken the lead on our volunteer marshalling. Brilliant.

Practice Fairway

With play restricted, the practice fairway is getting a good working out, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. We have now created 3 boxes on the range to increase capacity for members. Please ensure you only hit within the box.

Please also remember that Club Professionals always have priority. You must check-in with the pro shop before heading to the range. This is to ensure we know who is on the facility and to regulate use. If you don’t check-in, you will be asked to leave.

COVID Protocols

A huge thank you to members adhering to the protocols. It has been great to see.

If you have forgotten what they are, click here to view.

A couple of quick reminders:

  • please ensure you always check into the pro shop before teeing off (competition and social);
  • respect the 20CCC rule. People seem to be getting a little stir crazy at home and showing up well before their tee time. Please remember it is 20 minutes before you are due to tee off. This helps us manage the social distancing rules.
  • Always carry a sand bucket.

Staff Update

I say it again, our staff have been brilliant in not only adapting to the changes but leading the way with ideas and implementation of initiatives. They truly have a Keperra first attitude and are leaders in the golf industry.

With the Maintenance team a few persons down at the moment, we have been able to redeploy Michael Carruthers and Hayden Broadley to help with some man-hours. Give them a nod of approval if you see them on the mower or the rake.

On a sad note, Keith Johnson’ father passed away last week and Barnzy will be taking a short time away from the Club to be with family. Our thoughts and wishes are with Keith and family at this sad time.

In summary, the Club is travelling well at the moment in challenging times, and member support and behaviour on the most part has been exceptional. We are all getting frustrated the longer this goes on, but just a little more patience and understanding is needed until we get out of the COVID-19 rules.

Best wishes and be safe,

Luke Simpson

Club President

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Note to Members