May 11th – Club Update

Dear Members,

I refer to our update to Members on Saturday.

Mindful that booking sheets for the coming weekend are due for release tomorrow (Tuesday 12th May) the Board in consultation with Management have decided to increase group sizes from two (2) to four (4) players.

The increase in group sizes will significantly increase booking opportunities & offset some of the tee times we are slowly losing to the shorter winter days. However, this will not solve completely the issues being faced with bookings on a weekend given time slots will remain lower than what they normally are in a non-COVID environment and the natural reduction in capacity over the winter months.

We will continue with the grouping of the Saturday and Sunday timesheets and, with a level of flexibility shown by members, we are hopeful a game over the weekend should be possible for those wanting to play.

It is important to note that the State Government have indicated that they will be issuing sport-specific communications this week, which may impact this decision. Ideally, we would have had this communication before moving back to groups of four (4) for the weekend but we have made this pre-emptive decision on what is currently before us and a strong desire to meet members’ needs. If we have got it wrong, then we will have to act accordingly.

The opportunity to reopen the clubhouse was reviewed, and unfortunately, the stage one revised conditions (maximum of 10 people and the product offering restrictions) continue to be prohibitive.

Members are reminded that we remain in an environment of strict controls, and we must continue to adhere to the now well-defined social distancing and hygiene standards. I also want to give another plug to the COVID Safe app for the benefit of our Club, members and staff.

All other modified golf operations procedures introduced to manage COVID-19 risks will remain unchanged, these include: –

  • · One Tee starts
  • · Competition & Social Play weekly scheduling
  • · Booking sheet release formats and protocols
  • · Modified local rules

o Bunkers

o Foam in cups

  • · 20 minute arrival time restrictions
  • · Golf Shop Customer Protocols
  • · Practice area use

We will continue to closely monitor industry activity and the directives of Government as restrictions hopefully ease. Where possible, the Club will progressively adopt practices that improve and enhance our service offering to members.

Please continue to remain vigilant and safe.


Best wishes

Luke Simpson

Club President

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May 11th – Club Update