MiScore App & 4BBB

We have had some good news; Fourball Events can now be scored on the new MiScore App.

Players will go through the same registration process as they would for a single event, however, will be required to select their playing partner rather than the marker, by clicking on their name.  Only one player within the pair will be required to complete this task.

In the scoring section, you will see the two (2) players, paired together at the top of the screen, and you & your partner in the Markers section at the bottom of the screen.

To enter a score for the team, you will need to click on the player who scored on the hole and then enter that players ‘Gross’ score.

The same process needs to be repeated in the Markers Section before swiping to the left and the next hole.

Once the round is completed, confirm the score with your player partners and then submit as normal.

The only exception to this process will be when a group has three (3) players or less, in this instance “paper” cards will need to be used.

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MiScore App & 4BBB