Course Care Expectations

A few moments of courtesy during a round will assist the club significantly and will ensure a more pleasant round for your fellow golfers.

Care – Including the Repair of Pitch Marks:

The condition of greens can have  a major impact on players’ score, so careful attention must be given to the putting surface.  The most important aspect is the repair of pitch marks – the longer the mark stays unrepaired, the longer it takes to mend. All players MUST carry a pitch mark repairer.

A pitch mark should be repaired as follows:

  • Commence at the back of the pitch mark and push forward with a pitch mark fork or tee.
  • Attend to each side of the pitch mark, easing the turf forward to replace the damaged area.
  • When undertaking the repair, turn the pitch mark fork towards the damaged area.
  • Do not lift the pitch mark fork or tee upward to bring unnecessary soil to the surface.
  • Complete the repair by tapping down with a putter.

The below video demonstrates the required practice.

Sand buckets are available at the starting tees and sand containers have been installed on all Club golf carts.  All players must carry a sand bucket. Sand bins to refill buckets/containers are located throughout the course.

Divots should be repaired as follows:

  • The Divot sides should be ‘knocked in’ with a club to reduce the size of divot hole.
  • Use supplied sand to fill remaining divot hole and any others nearby.
  •  Use a foot or club to level sand so that reasonably flat lie remains for following players.

The below video demonstrates the required practice.

Smoothing Bunkers:

It is important to leave bunkers in good condition for following players.  Bunkers should be smoothed in the following manner:

  • Enter and leave the bunker from the lowest point.
  • After playing, smooth the area and any footprints with rake.
  • If a rake is NOT available, glide a shoe in a half circular motion until the area is smooth.  In the event that a rake is NOT in a bunker, please inform Golf Shop on completion of round.
  • After use, place the rake in the bunker in the direction of play.
  • Do not place the rake against the inside edge of the bunker as this may cause difficult lies for others and potentially awkward rules situations.

The below video demonstrates the required practice.

Golf Carts:

Golf carts can be damaging to the course if not used carefully:

  • Golf Carts at all times must remain 10 metres away from green surrounds and teeing ground.
  •  Drivers of golf carts must abide by cart directional signs and Must Not  enter any areas defined by BLUE LINES or ropes.  Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in players being removed from course.
  • Players are encouraged to keep golf carts on formalised paths wherever possible.
  • Do not drive through damaged or  wet areas.